Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Final Friends of Old Time Radio Convention

Those of you familiar with Old Time Radio probably know of the Friends of Old Time Radio Convention. Sadly, the final convention will be held 20 October to 23 October 2011 at the Ramada Plaza in Newark, New Jersey. Guests will range from Tommy Cook (one of the actors who played Little Beaver on the Red Ryder radio show) to Diana Canova (Judy Canova's daughter and star of the TV sitcom Soap) to Russell Horton (who appeared on many episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theatre). There will be dealers' tables, complimentary wine and cheese, recreations of old radio shows,  panel discussions and more.

If you are a devoted fan of Old Time Radio, I encourage you to attend. After 36 years this will be the very last Friends of Old Time Radio Convention.  For more information, go to The 2011 Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention, The Final Convention.


Sean Dougherty said...

Thanks for the plug for our final event - we appreciate it!

Terence Towles Canote said...

You're welcome, Sean!