Friday, June 10, 2011

"Only Make Believe" by The Misfits

It is a little known fact that Conway Twitty was originally a rock 'n' roll singer. Indeed, he actually had some success in the genre, namely with a song he and Jack Nance wrote entitled "It's Only Make Believe." Released in 1958, the song was a huge hit, going to #1 not only in the United States, but in the United Kingdom and Canada as well. If ever there was an instant classic, this was it. Despite such success, Conway Twitty switched to the country genre, making songs that were often as bad as "It's Only Make Believe" was good.

Fast forward forty five years and horror punk band The Misfits are recording a new album. Entitled Project 1950, it is filled with covers of Fifties songs, including "This Magic Moment," You Belong to Me," and, under the title "Only Make Believe," "It's Only Make Believe." Personally, I think The Misfits did a good job with the song. Give it a listen yourself.


Niamhy said...

I LOVE THAT CONWAY TWITTY SONG! People see us everywhere... *continues singing it for the rest of the day because it is an evil song* ;-P

Mercurie said...

I love it too. It makes me wonder why on Earth Twitty deserted rock 'n' roll for country. "It's Only Make Believe" was great. His country songs were bad even compared to other songs of that genre (a genre I hate with a passion)!