Friday, November 5, 2010

My Cat Midnight Died

Last night my cat Midnight died in his sleep beside his food dish. He was seven years old. It was in early September that he had lost use of his back legs. He would somewhat regain use of them, walking somewhat haltingly, but he did not recover nearly as swiftly as we had hoped. We are not sure what caused Midnight to lose the use of his legs. There is a dog that does not like cats in the neighbourhood, and it is possible the dog attacked Midnight, although there was no outward signs of damage. It seems more likely it was a blood clot, which Siamese cats are prone to. Although not full blooded Siamese (Midnight was coal black--I liked to call him a "no point Siamese"), he was at least half Siamese to 3/4 Siamese. This especially seems the case, even though Midnight had never fully regained the use of his legs, he seemed to be in good spirits and relatively good health.

Midnight was probably the sweetest cat we ever had. He loved people, particularly children. He would run to kids eager to be petted (indeed, I worry breaking the news to my best friend, as his daughter loved Midnight). He was also a very easy going cat and accepted nearly every other animal. He was friendly towards other cats and even dogs. It was not unusual for kittens to curl up by Midnight and sleep with him. He was a very loving cat who liked to sit on people and be petted. I will miss Midnight terribly and I know our other cats will as well.

Here are some pictures of Midnight.

This first one is of Midnight on the couch around Yuletide

Another picture of Midnight from a few years ago.

This is a photo from many years ago of Midnight with our late cat Lucky

This is the very last picture ever taken of Midnight, with our kitten Socks.


Raquelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Midnight. It sounds like he was a great cat and he was very lucky to have you as an owner.

J. Marquis said...

Sorry for your loss.

Toby O'B said...

I'm so sorry to read this, Merc. His behaviour sounds so unlike what one would expect from a Siamese and I think it can be attributed to the environment he was raised in.

I lost my Sand over the summer and only had him six years (although he was about 11.) After having Tigli for 20, I felt cheated, but I had the memories. I hope those will get you through as well.

take it easy......

kate gabrielle said...

I am so, so sorry, Terry. My heart absolutely aches for you right now.

Mercurie said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments! It's never easy to lose a pet.