Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two Classics From Big Star

In light of the recent death of Alex Chilton, I thought it would be nice to post two of Big Star's classic songs.

The first is "Thirteen," which I always thought of as paen to first love in one's early teens. It sort of reminds me of The Wonder Years for that reason.

Next up is possibly one of Big Star's best known songs, "September Gurls." I've always loved this song because it is simultaneously sweet and venomous. That is what Big Star did best, write songs about dysfunctional lives and loves. The song has been covered by The Bangles, Superdrag, and even British Invasion band The Searchers.

I hope you enjoy tonight's music!

1 comment:

Jim Marquis said...

So many great songs. "Thirteen" is especially wonderful, I love how it conveys the way kids that age view life.