Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flappers and The Latest from Cheap Trick

This is going to be a short post. I am only slightly under the weather due to my allergies (I ran out of Zyrtec yesterday and couldn't pick up any until today). On top of that, I've been doing research for another series of articles in this blog, which should begin tomorrow (provided no one dies, that is). I will then leave you with two things.

I have mentioned my fellow blogger Kate Gabrielle and her blogs, Silents and Talkies and Flapperdoodle here before. Well, for those of you who enjoy Kate's Flapperdoodle drawings, I have good news. The blog Down and Out Chic is holding a giveaway where you may win a ll" by 14" print of any of the drawings in Kate's Flapperdoodle Shop. If you have never checked out Kate's Flapperdoodle drawings, please do. Her style reminds me a lot of Edward Gorey, but without the macabre angle.

I also want to mention that Thursday my second favourite band of all time (after The Beatles), Cheap Trick, released their latest album, appropriately titled The Latest. Here are two videos of songs from the album. This first one is a cover of Slade's When the Lights Are Out.

This second video is "Sick Man of Europe." For those of you trivia buffs, "Sick Man of Europe" was one of the names used by Cheap Trick before they became, well, "Cheap Trick.

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