Sunday, March 22, 2009

The TCM Archives Photo and Video Widget

Those of you who are fans of classic movies and have blogs, MySpace accounts, Facebook accounts, and so on might be interested in the TCM Archives Photo and Video Widget. The widget draws photos and videos from Turner Classic Movies' archives. It is updated daily, so there will always be fresh material every day. It can be added to Blogger blogs, MySpace profiles, Facebook posts, LiveJournal, IGoogle, Hi5 posts, Friendster posts, and so on.

Now the widget has some disadvantages. While it can be placed in Facebook posts, it cannot be placed on one's profile or in one's boxes. I am guessing that this disadvantage might apply to other web sites as well. There is also the problem of size. The emeddable archive viewer only comes in a few sizes: 380 by 467, 380 by 400, 380 by 347, and 380 by 250. Unfortunately, if one has a Blogger blog with two sidebars, then one cannot place the widget in a sidebar without one's blog winding up extremely wide. Until TCM comes out with a slightly thinner version of the widget, I will just have to make do with this post. Still, it is pretty cool!

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