Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Commercials 2009

When it comes to the Super Bowl, the commercials are nearly as anticipated as the game. And while the general consensus seems to me that it was a good game, it seems to me that many people were disappointed with this year's commercials. In fact, it seems as if many of the commercials aired during the Super Bowl were no different than commercials aired at any other time during the year. Even the GoDaddy commercials, usually very outrageous, were disappointing.

This was one of the few commercials I found funny which aired during the Super Bowl. It is an add for Coke Zero entitled "Brand Managers," which parodies a classic Coca-Cola ad from the Seventies.

Anheuser Busch is well known for its great Super Bowl ads, and this year they produced one more good commmericial. "Clydesdale Returns Home" portrays one of their famous mascots as being in love with a circus horse.

Another good Anheuser Busch spot proved that Clydesdales, not dogs are man's best friend...

Bridgestone has also produced a few good Super Bowl commercials over the past few years. This one, entitled The Potato Head Family, features Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head out for a drive..

What was the best commercial aired during the Super Bowl was not created by Madison Avenue, but by two unemployed brothers from Batesville, Indiana. The brothers had won Doritos' online contest for commercials, open only to amateurs. The commercial, entitled "Crystal Ball," was the most popular advert aired during the Super Bowl. According to USA Today's Ad Meter.

This year's commercials were over all disappointing. Some have blamed the economy, but honestly I think they have been stuck in a rut for some time. That this year's most popular commercial came from two amateurs may confirm something I have suspected for a while. At least for now, Madison Avenue has run out of ideas. Well, there's always next year's Super Bowl.


poppedculture said...

It's funny how much people love the ads during the Superbowl that likely otherwise skip them on their DVR the rest of the year.

Terence Towles Canote said...

That is odd, but I think the rest of the year the adverts just seem kind of dull!

Barb said...

I have to agree. I usually like the ads more than the game itself. This year I thought the game was fantastic and other than the Doritos commercial, the Potato Head commercial and a handful of others, I could have skipped them and not missed a thing.