Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day Quiz

As regular readers of this blog probably already know, Beth of the lovely voice laid down a challenge for me at the first of the year. The challenge was simply this: I must create and post one pop culture quiz a month in A Shroud of Thoughts. The quizzes can have a single theme or simply be a collection of random things. At the end of 2008, the reader who has accumulated the most points throughout the year will win a pop culture related prize. For those of you curious about the prize, I decided that it will be a pop culture related key chain of the winner's choice, to cost no more than $5.00 (minus sales tax). The price limit is for the simple fact that I can't afford platinum plated key chains... I'll provide the answers around the end of the month.

Since yesterday was Earth Day, I thought this quiz should have an environmental theme!

1. In what year did Smokey Bear first appear?

2. What was the name of the comic strip created by Ed Dodd and debuting on April 15, 1946, which featured a photojournalist and magazine writer as its hero and dealt with environmental themes?

3. What 1962 book is credited with launching the environmental movement in the United States?

4. In what year was Earth Day first celebrated?

5. What bird is the icon for the United States Forest Service's anti-littering campaign?

6. What Greek letter was used as a symbol for the ecology movement?

7. What President founded the National Park Service?

8. What year was the Endangered Species Act passed?

9. What 1990 carton aired on TBS featured an environmentalist superhero and his team of five youths fighting threats to the environment?

10. What 2006 film won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film and dealt with global warming?


d. chedwick bryant said...

I failed the quiz completely--but I am planting trees all weekend anyway.

d. chedwick bryant said...

7. probably Teddy.

Snave said...

O.k., I'm game. These will probably all be guesses.

1. 1940
2. Earthy and Girthy
3. Was it something by Pearl Buck? It has to be, but I can't recall the title.
4. 1971
5. Woodsy the Owl?
6. epsilon?
7. TEddy Roosevelt
8. 1969?
9. Super Friends?
10. Why, "An Inconvenient Truth", of course!