Saturday, February 23, 2008

An Oscars Quiz

As regular readers of this blog probably already know, Beth of the lovely voice laid down a challenge for me at the first of the year. The challenge was simply this: I must create and post one pop culture quiz a month in A Shroud of Thoughts. The quizzes can have a single theme or simply be a collection of random things. At the end of 2008, the reader who has accumulated the most points throughout the year will win a pop culture related prize. For those of you curious about the prize, I decided that it will be a pop culture related key chain of the winner's choice, to cost no more than $5.00 (minus sales tax). The price limit is for the simple fact that I can't afford platinum plated key chains... Since February is a short month (even during a leap year), I'll provide the answers around March 2.

Since tomorrow is the Academy Awards, I thought that it might be fitting for this month's quiz to centre around the Oscars.

1. What was the first film to win Best Picture?

2. Who gave Oscar its name?

3. Who supervised the design of the Oscar statuette?

4. Who hosted the most Academy Award Ceremonies?

5. What actor, director, or producer received the most Oscar nominations in a lifetime?

6. Did Alfred Hitchcock ever win an Oscar?

7. Who was the youngest person to ever win an Academy Award outside of special awards?

8. In what year were the Oscars first telecast?

9. Name one of the two films nominated in the most categories without winning a single one?

10 Name one of the three films to win the most Oscars?

1 comment:

Bobby D. said...

2. somebody's uncle

that's all i can guess, the rest I am not sure.
Hitchcock maybe never won for himself, as best director, but his films/actors must have won?