Friday, November 30, 2007

Tag I'm It

I've been tagged by the award winning d. chedwick bryant, the eloquent kitty cat with a penchant for perfume and Bob Dylan.This amounts to winning an award for the writing in my blog. In turn, I have to tag five other bloggers I feel are worthy of winning an award for their writing, as well as list the three things I feel are necessary to powerful writing. Ched listed:
1. Must love to read the writings of others.
2. Open to observing life with a sense of the absurd.

3. Ability to write about a supposedly mundane moment & make it interesting.
As to the three things I feel are necessary to powerful writing, I would say:
1. One must have the ability to take even the most unoriginal idea and make it entirely one's own.
2. One must write for himself or herself, without worrying about the opinions of others.
3. One must write about subjects which one loves passionately.

As to the bloggers I feel should win an award for their writing, here they are in alphabetical order.

Beth: Beth's blog, Finding My Voice, covers pretty much anything which interests Beth, which is everything from movies to politics. Beth is a very good writer with a great sense of humour. She also has a beautiful voice (as proof, here's a link to her entry with an audio clip of her rendition of "Gotta Be This or That" by Sunny Skylar).

Jeremy: Jeremy's blog, Popped Culture is about my favourite subject: the entire gamut of pop culture. Here one can read about everything from the misuse of the puppets from the old Canadian children's show The Friendly Giant to Kermit the Frog performing Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt." Jeremy clearly loves pop culture and it shows in his blog.

RC: RC's blog Strange Culture also covers the whole gamut of pop culture. What sets Strange Culture apart from other pop culture blogs is that RC often examines pop culture with a philosophical bent. For instance, one of his recent entries dealt with the theme of "Good vs. Evil" which recurs throughout the rides at the Universal Studio's Island of Adventure theme park. You don't see that in every blog.

Reel Fanatic: Reel Fanatic's self titled blog is exactly what it sounds like it's about: movies. Reel Fanatic covers the whole spectrum of film, from B-movies to Oscar contenders. You'll find everything there from movie reviews to the latest news. What makes the blog so great is two things. First, Reel Fanatic has very good tastes in movies--it's rare that I find myself disagreeing with him. Second, he clearly loves movies, which is a big advantage when one is writing about them.

Row Three: Row Three is a collaborative blog, but it includes one of my favourite bloggers of all time, Marina of the late, lamented Mad About Movies. Like Mad About Movies before it, Row Three has movie news, reviews, and commentary. And like Mad About Movies, it has the advantage of Marina writing for it. Like Reel Fanatic, I rarely finding myself disagreeing with Marina. And like Reel Fanatic, she clearly loves movies. Here I should also mention that the other writers at Row Three (Andrew, Jonathan, and Kurt) are really good too.

So there are my five award winning bloggers (well, I guess Row Three counts as more than one, but who is counting...). If you haven't done so already, check out their blogs. You'll thank me later.


Beth said...

Well, thanks, doll! You've made my night!

Princess Haiku said...

Hi, I found you via, Chedwick. Congrats on your tag. I will give your blog a read.

themarina said...

Wow. I'm feeling humble among such other great sites. Seriously, thank you for the amazingly kind words.

Wow again.


Drewbacca said...

Should mention, RowThree does have one more writer: John Allison. He hasn't posted much (anything?) yet because he's been far too busy with the technical side and the design of the site. With the server meltdown the other day, he's been on overtime too. Just thought I should mention that so he's not overlooked.

I love my team!

~Andrew James

Mercurie said...

Thanks for adding John, Andrew. I'm sorry I left him out. All of y'all at Row Three are simply great!

Jeremy Barker said...

You're too kind! Many thanks to my most loyal of readers.