Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good News for David Goyer Fans

Last months fans of David Goyer received the bad news that he was no longer attached to The Flash feature film project. Yesterday the Warner Brothers web site gave them some good news. Goyer will be working on another project based around DC Universe, entitled Super Max. The plot revolves around the Green Arrow, who wrongly convicted of a crime and placed in maximum security prison for supervillains, some of whom he put there. Once in prison Green Arrow will be stripped of his costume and his bow and arrows. He will have to escape (I would assume to clear his name), with the very help of some of his worst enemies.

It sounds like it could be a very cool movie. My only question is how much we will get to see Green Arrow actually wielding his bow and arrows. It seems to me that a movie in which the Green Arrow never wields his bow and arrows would be something akin to a Superman movie in which the Man of Steel never takes flight. You can read the story at "'Blade' filmmaker locks up 'Super Max' project."


Sheila West said...

I think this'll be kinda cool. A super hero STRIPPED of his powers and having to make due on his wits. Of course, by film's end, he simply MUST have a quiver and a bow in his hands all over again and then we'll all be relieved that he's been "re-endowed" so to speak.

d. chedwick bryant said...

I came here to see a if you had a post about KV.

Mercurie said...

I got it published as soon as I got home from work. (-: