Thursday, January 11, 2007

Eight Tracks by Throwback Suburbia

For many years it seemed as if power pop, and rock 'n' roll for that matter, may well be a dying art. Fortunately, the past two years has not only seen a revival in traditional rock music, but in power pop as well. And in the vanguard of the revival of power pop is the band Throwback Suburbia.

Thowback Suburbia was formed by songwriters Mike Collins and Jimi Evans, who purposefully sought to create a group that would blend the best of power pop of the past with the best of modern day rock. Listening to their EP Eight Tracks, it is safe to say that they succeeded. In the songs one can hear the influences from nearly every era of power pop history. Quite simply, they combine the rawness of The Kinks, Cheap Trick, and The Knack with the melodic sensibilities of The Raspberries, The Posies, and Jellyfish. True, the melodies are catchy, but the guitar and drums are aggressive--they have effectively put the power back in pop.

This is perhaps best demonstrated by the opening songs from Eight Tracks. Both "Lonely With You" and "The Ride" possess guitar driven hooks and appealing vocals that make the songs instantly memorable, and instantly recognisable as the work of Throwback Suburbia. It would be a mistake, however, to think of Throwback Suburbia as simply a guitar group with great melodies. They have remembered what too many rock artists of late have forgotten--that truly great songs also have truly great lyrics. The songs on Eight Tracks aren't simple pop tunes by any stretch of the imagination.

If you often find yourself thinking that the best rock music has to offer all lies in the past, then I seriously recommend that you give Throwback Suburbia a look. You can hear samples of the songs and buy the EP at CD Baby.

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Dahlia Ramone said...

The CD is awesome! But seeing Throwback Suburbia perform live? It just takes once and you're hooked....great energy ;)