Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Small Change at A Shroud of Thoughts

Those of you familiar with this blog probably know that from the beginning I have always used weekly archives. My reasoning for this was the simple fact that I tend to post frequently (at least three times a week, usually more). If I archived monthly, then, the pages could be prohibitively slow to load for those on dial up. Unfortunately, at least on this blog, it seems that Beta Blogger does not handle weekly archives too well. About two weeks ago I noticed that the first archive was dated "May 23, 2004." Here I should stress that there were no posts made during the week of May 23, 2004--the Famous First Post was made on June 4, 2004, which would be the week of May 30, 2004. As a result of this phantom archive, every other archive was pushed a week ahead. That is, when one clicked on the link to the archive for the week of October 1, 2006, he or she would instead be directed to the archive the week of October 8, 2006! I've tried figuring out how to correct this and even emailed Blogger Support about the problem. For now, I have simply set the archives to monthly, which seems to work fine (there is no phantom "May 2004" archive, at least...). I apologise for the inconvenience to those on dialup.

Of course, this brings me to another bit of news. Over a week ago I finally got cable internet. I have been enjoying it a good deal. At last I can watch streaming video without it taking forever to buffer. Indeed, Thursday I watched the episode of Lost I'd missed because of work (they really should give time off for your favourite TV shows...) on streaming video at ABC. As to average, everyday web surfing, well, pages load a whole lot quicker on cable than on dialup. If any of you are still on dialup and cable is available in your area, I urge you by all means to make the change. It's worth it.

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Unknown said...

Congrats on the move to high speed!! That's excellent!