Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Well, my week has only gotten a little better. I am still not in a good mood and it is still a mood for depressing songs. Today's song is "One." The song was written by the late, great Harry Nilsson, considered one of the best composers of the rock era. He first came to fame with "Cuddly Toy," which became a minor hit for The Monkees. "One" first appeared on his 1968 album Aerial Ballet. His version of the song was rather soft, almost a ballad. The song was remade by Three Dog Night and became one of that group's biggest hits. It's the Three Dog Night version I feature here. I prefer it and I don't think the Nilsson version is available on the Net. At any rate, it fits my mood today.

"One", performed by Three Dog Night

I promise I'll write a real entry sometime this week...

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