Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Elvan Queen

Today I don't have too much time to be online. Rather than writing a whole entry, then, I thought I would simply publish another one of my poems. I wrote this one last year.

Anyhow, I must apologise to those who don't care too much for my poetry. I never have professed to be a good poet....

It was in a wood so very dark
that I saw the elvan queen.
She was so beautiful she stole my heart,
the fairest maid I have seen.

I wondered if I should approach her
and delcare undying love,
but my legs would not take me to her.
I was paralysed with love.

Then she turned her green eyes to me
and spoke as if in song.
It seemed as if she was in love with me.
I hoped that I was not wrong.

I went up to her on undsteady feet
and slowly granted her a kiss.
It was then that my heart skipped a beat,
the heart that I would surely miss.

She took me away to her elvan home,
where I have since spent my days.
Happy together and never alone,
in love for the rest of our days.


Keith said...

Hi your poem wasn’t too bad, quite a good combination.
Thanks for your nice posts, got a suggestion, can you send shorter posts? It’s a bit time consumin’ to go through all of it. Thanks for your good knowledge!

Sanchez said...

wats elvan?