Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Crying" by Roy Orbison

I've always been a big fan of Roy Orbison, ever since childhood. I have seen some people who classify him as a country artist, but quite frankly I don't buy it. I would say that he was a rock 'n' roll artist and a balladeer who sometimes performed country songs.

In fact, aside from "Oh, Pretty Woman," I think he probably was best known for his ballads. "In Dreams," "Running Scared," and "Only the Lonely" are probably more famous than his straight rock tunes, such as "Mean Woman Blues" and "Dream Baby." As to his most successful ballad, that would be probably be "Crying." In 1961 it went to #2 on the Billboard pop charts. While "Running Scared" would go to #1, over the years it has not been played nearly as often as "Crying." It certainly has not ben remade as often! In fact, I am guessing that aside from "Oh, Pretty Woman," "Crying" is his most famous song.

What I find remarkable about "Crying" is that nowhere in the song are "tears" or "teardrops" mentioned. It simply does not refer to the physical act of shedding tears at all, something which sets it apart from other, similar songs about crying. At any rate, right now it describes how I feel. Here it is, in RealAudio:

"Crying"--Roy Orbison

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