Friday, February 11, 2005

Yet Another Poem

I hope y'all don't mind if I publish another poem. I promise my next entry will be a real one. LOL. This particular poem was published in Cappers Weekly many, many years ago. I'm not sure that I care for it much, but, hey, it was worth $5....

"Postures of Life"

Taking the first steps of life,
forward the infant blunders,
looking with curiosity rife,
the world is filled with wonder.

Childhood behind him, the young man rises
to throw caution to the wind,
forward he rushes to life's surprises,
knowing joy lies round the bend.

Confident stands the man in his prime,
child resting on his shoulders.
'Tween home and work he divides his time,
he knows he's getting older.

Peacefully the old man sits for awhile,
musing years of past thunder,
he looks around himself with a smile,
the world is filled with wonder.

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