Friday, August 27, 2004

The Big O

Among my guilty pleasures is an animated cartoon called The Big O. The Big O is a Japanese animated cartoon or anime. It is also very hard to describe. I like to think of it as a cross between Batman, the many Japanese giant robot cartoons (such as Gigantor or Giant Robo), and Dark City. It centres around Roger Smith, a negotiator in a futuristic place called Paradigm City (which may or may not be the last surviving city in the world). In Paradigm City, everyone lost their memories 40 years ago, which makes life there somewhat complex. It also requires Roger Smith to often come to the city's rescue, utilising the giant robot called the Big O. The Big O is a megadeus, a robot which responds to the commands of a specific indidvidual (in Big O's case, Roger Smith). Smith does not know why the Big O responds to him or why other megadei respond to yet other specific people. Roger Smith is assisted in his work by R. Dorothy, an android who seems to become more human every day, and his butler Norman. Throughout the series Roger Smith tries to figure out the mystery behind Paradigm City's lost memories, all the while fighting various giant robots and villains who could have come from a Dick Tracy or Batman comic strip.

With my love of The Big O, I was very happy when I found a quiz to determine what character I was most like. Not surprisingly, I turned out to be Roger Smith (I always thought I looked good in black. LOL). Anyway, here are my results:

Which Big O character are you?
Which Big O character are you?

Anyone else who wants to take the quiz, here's a link to it Paradigm City Personality Quiz

Good night, all!

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