Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Today is Easter. And whether you regard it as a Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, a festival honouring the spring and dawn goddess Eostre, or simply a fun day to eat lots of chocolate eggs and Peeps, I'm wishing you a happy one. And if you don't celebrate Easter, I'll just wish you a happy Sunday! As usual with major holidays, I thought I'd treat everyone to holiday themed pictures of beautiful actresses from the Golden Age of Film.

First up is the incredibly gorgeous and incredibly leggy Ann Miller, who is watering lilies (the archetypal spring flower if there ever was one).

Next up is Dorothy Hart and a particularly creepy Easter Bunny. Run, Dorothy, run!

Next up is Doris Day and a rather more pleasant Easter Bunny!

And then we have Susan Hayward with a stuffed bunny

Here we have Mitzi Gaynor coming out of her egg.

Next is Gila Golan, who has apparently also just hatched.

Finally we have Felicia Farr, who appears to be painting her eggs rather than dyeing them!

Happy Easter, everyone!!!

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