Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Help Make My Next Book a Reality

At the moment I am working on another book of television essays. Unlike my first book, Television: Rare & Well Done, my new book, Television in Colour...& Black and White will contain a good deal of original material. This means that I am having do research. Sadly, much of that research costs money. A whole month's worth of access to UK Press Online costs £45.83. An individual article from The New York Times costs $3.95. Books can range anywhere from a few cents for a used copy of a book to $20 or even $40 for a brand new book. While none of these things are necessarily expensive in and of themselves, added all together they can cost a good deal of money. Research is not the only expenditure an independent author can expect for his or her book. Depending upon which publisher one uses, he or she might have to pay for distribution proofreading, and editing as well.

To help with the costs of writing and publishing Television in Colour...& Black and White I have set up an Indiegogo campaign whereby individuals can contribute towards the book's completion. Here I must stress that this is not charity--I am not asking for a handout. In return for one's contribution he or she will receive a copy of the book and, if the amount of the contribution is enough, a copy of the e-book edition as well. What is more, the print copy of the book will be autographed. I suppose one could look at this Indiegogo campaign as a way of pre-ordering Television in Colour...& Black and White. If you are interested in helping out and getting a copy of my next book, click on the widget below. Any help would gladly be appreciated!

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