Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Shroud of Thoughts Subject Index

Well, today I still feel hurt and empty. I suppose I feel that way for quite some time. It is hard to be happy when one's life has gone so far awry from what one wanted. Anyhow, I suppose I should get on with this post.

A Shroud of Thoughts has existed for over two years. In that time I have posted anywhere from three to seven times a week. Even with Blogger's search and the Technorati searchlet, I imagine it can sometimes be hard for my few readers to find topics in the particular subjects in which they are interested. To help with this problem I have created the Shroud of Thoughts Subject Index. Using this index, anyone can look up various posts related to various subjects on A Shroud of Thoughts. It is nowhere near complete, and given the fact that I update many times a week it probably never will be, but I intend to add as many entries as possible. Anyhow, the subject index is at: Shroud of Thoughts Subject Index

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